Access Equipment Engineering and Planning

We help with engineering design, analysis and network planning for your access networks based on fiber middle mile and copper last mile architecture and fiber to the premise (FTTP) PON, and active designs.

Special Circuit Design, Planning and Implementation

Let us assist you with special access Hi-Cap T1, T3, OC-n special circuit, or 2-Wire and 4-Wire voice grade special circuit designs from planning to implementation.

Transport Equipment Engineering and Planning

Our experts know transport network equipment engineering and planning—SONET, CWDM, DWDM and IP transport technologies. The transport equipment is based on fiber or digital radio—Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Star, Linear drop and continue, and Ring topologies.

Network Design

We prepare transport network designs and specifications for vendor technical presentations, and will solicit Engineer, Furnish and Install proposals from vendors.

Facilities and Transport

We specialize in the procurement of Off-Net facilities and transport for network expansion and closing existing facility gaps based on TDM or MPLS network facilities.