TRC Services Network CablingTRC Services provides professional installation of cable for telephone and data systems. The installation is backed by over 25 years of experience in communications engineering and construction. Even though every installation project is different, we follow the general steps outlined below to insure a quality project every time.

Requirements Review 

  • A get acquainted meeting at the project site.
  • Conduct a preliminary walk thru of the construction site.
  • Discuss project goals.
  • Discuss possible options for cable runs and jack locations and types.
  • Review any installation time constraints.
  • Identify current and future cabling requirements.
  • Identify any equipment and material preferences.
  • Determine if any special regulations, standards, permits, or procedures must be followed.

Site Survey 

  • Determine desired locations of wall and floor jacks.
  • Survey cable routing and determine obstacles that may hinder installation.
  • Take measurements as needed and create a sketch of jack locations and cable routing.
  • Determine location of, or need for, equipment rooms.
  • Take special notes of problem areas such as masonry walls and fire partitions.
  • Note needs for special cable types. Identify a secure work storage area.
  • Determine the location and times of access to work site.

Layout Drawings 

  • Create scale drawings of cable installation area.
  • Show cable routing between all jack points and equipment room or patch panel and indicate length of each route.
  • Develop a cable schematic to show the functional relationship of all cable system components.
  • Show all special construction circumstances, such as fire stops, masonry walls, air plenums, etc.
  • Create a Bill of Materials (BoM). Verify prices and delivery times with equipment and material suppliers.

Project Schedule 

  • Create a project schedule showing all tasks, resources (both labor and material), equipment delivery, milestones, and task completion dates.
  • As project proceeds, performance is checked against the project schedule.
  • If necessary, modify tasks and resources to keep project on-time.

Project Quote 

  • Using vendor quotes and labor time, prepare a quote for the specific job.
  • As the project precedes, material prices, labor costs, and original project scope are closely monitored to keep project in budget.

Cable Installation 

  • Contact the Owner at least 48 hours prior to installation start.
  • Prior to installation start date, verify that all materials, tools, and equipment are available and in good repair.
  • Clean-up and sweep the work area end of each day.
  • Throughout installation time, review work status with Owner.

Installation Close-Out 

  • Test cable for kinks, tight turns, flattened sections, and any other cable condition that deteriorates cable performance.
  • Test jacks for proper operation and cable connection.
  • Conduct a final inspection with Owner to make sure everything is satisfactorily completed.
  • Modify original drawings or prepare new ones to show cable routing and jack locations.