We'll help you design your data networks.

Needs Analysis

The best way to assess your needs and requirements for a new design or upgrade is to meet with you face to face. This allows us to gather site specific information regarding your present and future network requirements, existing equipment, and existing cable plant to make sure you get the best available network performance now and in the future.

Voice and Data Cable (Ethernet/DSL) Evaluation

As part of, or in addition to the Needs Analysis, we can evaluate your existing cable plant. Even though every network is different, we follow the general steps given below when evaluating cable.

  • Check existing documentation and reconcile any discrepancies.
  • Visually inspect cable and determine if jack points are connected to active cable.
  • Check accuracy of labeling for cable, jack points, and equipment, and add missing or revise incorrect labels as they are identified.
  • Utilizing appropriate test equipment, determine maximum bandwidth (Megabits/second) supported by existing cable, and check for incomplete terminations, faulty connectors, broken pairs or cable, shorts, crossed pairs, and miswiring.
  • Analyze existing cable for compliance with TIA standards for the type of cable (e.g. CAT5, CAT6, etc.) installed.
  • Check network grounding connections and quality of ground point.
  • Inspect standby power systems and uninterruptable power systems (UPS).
  • Present all findings and recommendations in a final report.

LAN/WAN Networks

Whether you're looking to implement a Local Area Network (LAN) for a single building, or a state-to-state Wide Area Network (WAN), let us help. We can prepare the design for you, or review the one you already have. Our experts will work with you from start to finish making sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Network Cost Analysis

Let us help you maximize your productivity with a CAPEX or OPEX cost analysis. We'll examine your enterprise's entire network and put together a detailed report so your Board of Directors or management team can keep a close eye on company efficiency.

VOIP Networks

Our engineers can fix you up with everything you need to enjoy the benefits of VOIP. We'll design, build, and service your VOIP network, or help find the vendors you need to get it done right.