TRC Engineering Services has earned a reputation for integrity, dependability, and dedication. Our EF&I services include COE, DLC, Radio Equipment, Transmission equipment, Fiber Build Out, PBX Key Systems, DC Power Plants, and Electrical Power. We also present vendor work shops, seminars, and other programs to your staff, management, and board of directors to gain insight for better equipment decisions. We're focused on project quality, and continue to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and value for our client’s projects.


Enterprise Telephone Systems

Our talented staff will engineer, furnish, and install everything you need for a new digital key switching system or IP phone system. No matter how complex the system design, we can streamline the process for you. Hosted or non-hosted systems? It doesn't matter, we do it all. 

Equipment Installation Inspections

We conduct detailed inspections of customer equipment installations to ensure quality of workmanship, standards compliance, proper grounding and power connections, and compliance to vendor installation standards and recommendations.

Network Installation

When installing your networks we can supply the materials or use the materials you furnish—whatever works best for you. Our services include “As-Built” records, documentation and initial turn-up test results so you can see immediate return on your business investment.

Facility Engineering

Need help building your facility? Our staff will help you from the ground up. Let us determine site requirements for construction including land required, electrical service, and water. We'll do everything from developing master plans, to conducting feasibility studies, or even coordinate site acquisitions with owners, attorneys, and real estate agents. We'll make sure you head into your project well prepared and informed.  

Heating & Air-Conditioning

Testing your system's performance is important in the efficiency and productivity of your enterprise. We will check and modify your systems to meet building requirements and evaluate energy consumption and utility cost.  

DC Power Systems

Have a DC power system or looking to build one? Our engineers can evaluate and test your current battery capacity and condition, or plan and implement a full plant. Regardless of the size or complexity of your job, we'll make sure it is done efficiently.  

Grounding Systems

Conducting ground system evaluations and audits will help determine existing ground field impedances and other possible barriers for your system. We analyze and design telecommunication facility ground fields and do central office wiring, bonding, and grounding analysis and design. We also design lightning and voltage surge protection solutions to help protect your assets.

Standby Power Systems

When it's time to evaluate, inspect, and test your standby power systems, we're the right answer. We install systems to remotely monitor standby power statuses and performances, develop plans and contracts for installation, and solicit and evaluate equipment proposals from equipment vendors. We supervise and manage all our projects to insure they are done correctly, and provide written test results to prove it. We'll even assemble Operations and Maintenance manuals for your equipment.