Our professionals provides services in all phases of Outside Plant Engineering. TRC Services has extensive experience with GPS or conventional facility staking, contract preparation and close out, contract bidding processes, construction monitoring, maintaining a perpetual inventory of plant installed, verifying contractor invoices, and development of special unit requirements for all elements or types of plant technology.

Advanced Technology Field Staking

Our staff provides field staking services encompassing aerial, buried or underground plant. We use a variety of staking techniques ranging from hand drawn to digitized sheets using advanced technology and video recordings.

Maps and Schematics

We have the capabilities to produce system maps and cable splicing schematics. Maps may be prepared on an existing system basis for maintenance and design purposes which can then be used as a medium for new or additional plant designs. Maps may be used as cable splicing schematics, or separate cable splicing schematics may be drawn providing all pertinent splicing information.

Preparation of Contract Plans and Specifications

We prepare contract plans and specifications using client or RUS contracts. The specifications are prepared using criteria established by the client.

Bidding and Contract Administration

We facilitate pre-bid conferences and bid openings and make recommendations throughout the bidding process. If a contractor’s bid is accepted, we will make sure all parties execute their part of the contract.

Monitor OSP Construction

Experienced personnel are provided, to monitor construction on a full time or intermittent basis ensuring that all construction is completed right and on time. 

Cutover of Constructed Plant

Our staff can provide turnkey cutovers employing POTS and DSL over copper distribution from an office or Digital/Broadband Loop Carriers as well as the implementation of FTTX using PON or active technology. 

Contractor’s Invoice Verification

TRC Services provides verification of the contractor’s monthly invoices. Be assured that the invoices reflect the actual units placed in accordance to the plans and specifications and project contract. 

Prepare As-Built Sheets, Maps, and Schematics

Upon completion of a construction project, our staff will prepare as-built construction sheets, maps and cable splicing schematics as permanent record sources. If you'd like, we'll also make sure the as built records will be merged with current system records.

Contract closeout documents

Contract closeout documents are prepared in accordance with client procedures or those of the Rural Utility Service (RUS). Our staff can provide a tabulation of installed construction units placed by FCC Part 32 account codes and by the local taxing authorities.

Plant Records

Having and maintaining accurate plant records is a necessity for an operating company’s daily operations. TRC Services can develop the records, meeting client requirements, and provide regular updates when needed.