Trust our experienced personnel to ensure your project is finished on time, on budget, to specification, and with exceptional quality. We help as little or as much as you need—project specifications, execution, or all the way through to completion. We even monitor the project to make certain it is performing as you need. We work with you to make sure you receive the best possible return on investment. 


Bid Management

TRC provides complete management, coordination and administration of the bid process to assure timely and equitable bid analysis.

Business Case Study Development

TRC’s telecommunication business experience provides exceptional business case study capabilities. From early concepts to financial and scheduling plans to implementation, TRC is a valued partner.

Co-Location Build-Out

Our qualified personnel have the experience to design and manage the co-location build-out for your specific requirements. Agreements, HVAC requirements security, and carrier selection as well as project management can confidently be left to the TRC professionals.

Connecting Company Interconnection Coordination

We have worked with numerous telecommunications carriers negotiating agreements, facility arrangements, and establishing maintenance procedures. Not much surprises us anymore.

Construction Management

What is the real value of a construction project being done safely, on time, on budget and with quality assurance? How about the final inventory of plant placed in service and records for continued maintenance? TRC Services professionals will deliver the value your projects need.

Due Diligence

If you looking for specialized inventory and inspection of potential acquisitions or mergers, or seeking product reviews, TRC’s team of experienced specialist have the skill and knowledge to provide specialized independent views.