TRC Services has the knowledge and experience to help you design the alternative energy plant for your telecommunications needs. We can assist in all aspects of 'green power' including installation, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy systems. We differentiate ourselves from others in that we have done it for ourselves. Our ILEC in South Texas has its own operating solar and wind-powered plant. We're more than a theoretical consulting firm—we've invested our time, money, and energy so you don't have to start from scratch.


Alternative Energy Solutions

We produce plans, specifications, and contracts for the construction of solar, wind, and hybrid (solar + wind) systems. Our services include managing the installation, testing installed equipment, and furnishing as-built drawings of systems. If you have an existing system we can monitor and report any anomalies and will correct them for proper operation.  

Renewable Energy Consulting

Conducting feasibility studies and researching available incentives and programs will help maximize the benefits of your renewable energy system. We'll analyze proposed sites, audit exiting systems, and review your system's components and configurations to make sure you're getting the most benefits possible.