Whether you need help obtaining an individual easement or permit, or easements and permits for construction projects, we have the resources to assist you.   


Environmental Assessment and Compliance

TRC Services prepares environmental assessments for all aspects of telecommunication projects. Our staff has extensive experience working with different wildlife, historical and “Waters of the U.S. delineation” agencies, on the state and federal level, to mitigate any issues and obtain proper project clearances.  

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

TRC Services has staff members certified in the preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) that meets the EPA Clean Water Act and state regulations. The SWPPP is a detailed plan containing the projects construction activities, site evaluation assessment, best management practices, environmental assessment, inspections and record keeping.

Pole Attachment “Make Ready” and permitting

For over 25 years, our staff has worked with city and cooperative operated power concerns and other telecommunication operating companies in gathering “Pole Contact Make Ready Information” for our clients. The data gathered for new pole contacts reflects requirements of the National Electric Safety Code and pole owner. We are ready to provide assistance on projects in large metropolitan areas or in a rural environment where “Pole Make Ready” information is required.

State or Federal Land Management Permits

In some instances obtaining state and federal land permits may be very difficult. TRC Services employees have the knowledge and experience necessary for obtaining state and federal land permits that may be required as part of a client’s project.

State, County and City permits

Our staff members possess the knowledge and ability required to obtain all necessary city, state, and county permits for construction. We have the ability to prepare and submit state DOT permits by using both traditional written permit applications and the State’s electronic utility accommodation permitting system.

Private Easements

We can assist you in obtaining private property easements as required. Easement personnel having notary public qualifications have the ability to negotiate facility installations with property owners. 

Railroad License Agreements

Acquiring railroad crossing licensing agreements can be a complicated task. Each rail company has its own permitting process and insurance requirements that must be followed in obtaining longitudinal crossing agreements. We have filed permit applications with all major rail companies. We have the capabilities to operate as your agent in the information gathering and application process so the complications of your cable installation processes are eliminated.