We offer testing services for all transport mediumsCable Testing, Copper

Twisted pair copper cable testing includes water migration tests, mutual capacitive balance tests, conductor insulation breakdown integrity tests and shield continuity resistance tests. These tests insure that the cable to be installed can meet or exceed the specified requirements prior to placement in the outside plant.

Cable Testing, Fiber

Fiber optic cable testing includes water migration tests and dual wavelength light signal specification loss/length tests. The continuity of the cable shield is also verified in order to insure the ability to locate buried cable in the future.

Voice and Data (Ethernet/DSL Cable Testing)

  • Determine actual data rate for copper network cabling.
  • Provide written report that can be used as a benchmark for future cable tests.
  • Certify that a cable installation meets TIA standards.
  • Other specialized tests evaluate splicing, grounding, bonding, and resistive and capacitive balance verify operation and troubleshoot the physical wire environment.

Pre and Post Install Testing

Verification of specified equipment/cable parameters prior-to and after installation into the working plant.