Central Office Design

TRC Services assists with engineering, design and specifications for voice switching equipment for Central Office Deployments in both ILEC and CLEC networks.

Connecting Company Interconnection Coordination

Our staff provides project management coordination with connecting companies for local interconnection.

Equipment Analysis and Field Trial Evaluations

We assist with switching equipment analysis as well as supervision and oversight of field trial evaluations with the vendor's technical team.

Softswitch Equipment Engineering and Planning

We don't force square pegs into round holes—we help you develop the right solution for you and your subscribers. Our engineers assist with the engineering and planning of softswitch deployments in existing networks with legacy switching equipment as well as  assisting with engineering, planning, proposal development and implementation for new softswitch deployments in greenfield applications. In coordination with our clients we develop a cutover methodology concept review and selection so that the proper equipment is selected for the required application. 

Switch Network Translations and Routing

TRC Services staff are highly experienced with voice switching network trunking and routing translations for initial configuration and implementation or on-going support.

Switch Vendor Database

We are able to assist with completion of switch vendor database questionnaire forms for building database load for new switching systems.

Dial Plans

Local dial plans for switch vendor database forms can become quite difficult to create. Our team assists in completing the plans for initial deployment, expansion into new service areas or expanded local calling scopes so that your switch is up and running as quickly as possible.

Route Verification Testing

We conduct detailed route verification test on new switch deployments in preparation for switch cutover so that you know your switch will be routing properly once the cut is complete.

Traffic Engineering and Analysis

Voice switch traffic engineering, analysis of traffic patterns and determining peak busy day/busy hour traffic loads are essential for proper resource provisioning. Our dedicated staff will work with you to ensure you have the right resources allocated to take care of your traffic, provide superior service to your subscribers, and ensure your investment is as profitable as possible.