Voice Services are our forteDedicated Long Distance

We provide both Traditional and VoIP Call Terminations. We manage the Traditional/VoIP call routing, so there is no need for you to maintain an extensive ONNET call list. Our VoIP rates allow you to lower your monthly LD cost significantly. We recognize VoIP is a new technology and that intermittent failures may occur, so we have designed our network with ample backup Traditional Carrier connectivity to provide you peace of mind. We allow you to capitalize on the VoIP savings without sacrificing quality of service and without additional work. This gives you more time to grow your business.

Hosted VOIP Services

Our Hosted VOIP services can help you get into the VOIP market without the high capital expenditure and deployment costs. You can sell your numbers in other markets or provide your customer with numbers in other rate centers. We have multiple configuration options available depending on your network design.

Toll Free Services

Our Toll Free services are uniquely dynamic. We can turn up new Toll Free numbers very quickly. Our average turn up time is less than 15 minutes. We can port existing numbers from other carriers and manage the RespOrg process to ensure a timely turn around. If your customer needs a vanity Toll Free number, we can manage the search process and turn up too. Our Toll Free switch has the flexibility to add pin or authorization codes to an 800 number,  and do time of day routing for your customers who wish to have their Toll Free number ring to a different number after hours.

Conference Calling

With the cost of travel rising, the need for a low cost conferencing solution is greater than ever. Our Conference Calling Bridge is the answer. The Conference Bridge is accessed via a Toll Free number and can support up to 32 conference participants. A quick call to our customer service gets your customer's conference setup quickly, and an email is sent to all participants with the dial-in number, conference duration, and pin code. It is simple, quick and profitable for you.

Directory Assistance

Our Directory Assistance provider has both English and Spanish speaking operators.  Find the number you are seeking and be connected to your party for one low fee.


Carrier Invoices are usually confusing and difficult to reconcile because the Carrier's invoice cycle differs from yours. Our billing is setup to match your current invoice cycle, so billing reconciliation is easy and convenient for you. We can also provide you with billing services for your customers - e.g. account codes and ANI authentication. If you need your calls sent to your billing provider, no problem, we can produce an EMI output for your billing vendor. TRC Telecom has established relationships with many billing providers, so rest assured that your billing will be handled discretely and professionally.