We are experts at wireless network engineeringWireless Equipment Planning

When selecting and installing network radio equipment it is important to do it right the first time. That's why we determine the status and applicability of your current radio licenses, review and select an available frequency, conduct feasibility studies to select a network deployment strategy, and develop plans, specifications, and contracts before we ever get started building. After we are confident in the design, we will help implement and build your wireless network. Once the network is built we will provide plant records and operations and maintenance manuals for equipment. 

Network Radio Path Analysis

Using computer modeling, we can determine the feasibility of your point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless networks. We have the ability to calculate received signal strength at specific locations, and locate any possible signal blockers that might hinder your network. We can also determine the effectiveness of alternative antenna configuration to improve connection based on terrain and atmospheric refraction of radio waves.

Radio Network Signal Coverage 

With computer modeling, we can determine radio signal strength over a specified area and provide shadow maps illustrating areas where line-of-sight is blocked by terrain. We can also develop plots showing anticipated received signal strength levels in a specific area.

WiFi Design

To provide adequate bandwidth, a WiFi system needs to cover the entire building with a strong signal. Creating ubiquitous coverage requires careful selection and placement of access points, repeaters, switches, routers, and the cabling that connects them. It’s also necessary to evaluate the capacity of the internet connection to the building. We consider all these elements to develop a system that meets your needs, both today and in the future.

WiFi Network Coverage Mapping

An existing WiFi network may have weak or missing signal areas within a building. Utilizing test equipment that senses signal strength, we can determine these areas and recommend additions or modifications that will expand or strengthen the WiFi signal coverage.